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Welcome to Honeyguide

Welcome to Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays, now in our 27th season. If you are looking for a quality natural history holiday, this is a great place to start.

These web pages have our holidays in 2017. Our calendar has a summary of dates and availability.

Click on any of our destinations on the left hand side. For prices, look under 'holiday details' towards the bottom of the page. If you would like a Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays brochure, please contact us.

Fight for your life - spoonbills swallowtail on lantana Cape rockjumper
Spoonbills (Daniel Petrescu), Danube Delta; swallowtail on lantana, Crete; Cape rockjumper, South Africa's Southwest Cape.

We are pleased to help with group holidays – even a holiday for half a dozen friends. Please browse our nature notes too.

Some holidays run in the past are in our archive section, and many of these will return to the programme in a future year.

The Honeyguide Wildlife Charitable Trust goes from strength to strength. There is a conservation contribution with each holiday of £40, which goes through the Honeyguide Wildlife Charitable Trust. This idea, still surprisingly rarely copied, remains a simple and effective way of helping to protect the wildlife we enjoy.

Donations to conservation projects linked to our holidays in 2016 totalled £8,226, and our running total since 1991 is £113,179 (to March 2017). Through the Honeyguide Charity, the taxman tops up our contributions.

Holidays give the typical flights we use, but increasingly we arrange flights from airports near to where you live, or help with other arrangements. Carbon offsets are part of each holiday’s price.

Rules about selling travel insurance mean if you want Honeyguide’s insurance you need to go straight to our broker rather than buying a policy directly from Honeyguide. Details are on our booking page and there is also help here on how to book parking and hotels at airports.

I hope you’ll want to find out more by exploring this website further.
If you would like a Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays brochure, please click on ‘contact us’.

Chris Durdin

Farther afield with Honeyguide

jaguar The Pantanal, Brazil, autumn 2017 (left). Nature and culture hand in hand in Yucatán in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America (right).
Your South Africa helps you to put together a wildlife holiday with dates and an itinerary that suits you. Click here for more. Burchell's zebras lilac-breasted roller

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PDF of Honeyguide's brochure for 2017 on our holiday calendar page, plus availability updates.

For our news pages click here, or start with headlines and news in brief below.

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one-flowered wintergreen

Wintergreen web page; news from South Africa (links from news.)

cream-coloured courser (David Collins)

Highlights of holidays in Tarifa & Morocco, on Fuerteventura (such as this cream-coloured courser) and Extremadura in March in news.

wood cow-wheat Melampyrum nemorosum

The wonderful wood-meadows of Estonia. New web page.

red bishop

South Africa's Drakensbergs: for photos see news.

Honeyguide's Poland holiday in the Sunday Times: see news.

Thorpe St Andrew Marshes. Wildlife sightings, blogs and news from Norfolk Wildlife Trust's nature reserve.

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Updated 18 April 2017

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... where there are many holiday photos to enjoy.

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